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Hello! My name is Beatriz and I am a Wedding Dress Designer based in Madrid Spain, and I am the entrepreneur of MyDollyDolls® where I design and create beautiful clothes for dolls. I have been dressing dolls since 2011 when I discovered the world of Barbie Collecting. Since then I haven’t stopped creating clothes for dolls whether it be Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, Momoko, Ruruko, Gene Marshall, Tonner... The list is endless. I love making clothes for all kinds of dolls and in all sizes! MyDollyDolls® has allowed me the space to combine my professional experience, with my love for 50's and 60's fashion, and my passion for dolls.


Since starting MyDollyDolls® I have had so many wonderful opportunities to collaborate with many important Artists and Instagram Influencers from the Barbie World over the years. I have participated in several European and American Barbie Conventions and I have had the joy of creating several convention Barbie dolls. Also as an artist and a collaborator, I have created center pieces, and gift tables, and ooaks which were donated for charity auctions. If there is a doll convention you will probably find me as both a collector and in the sales room selling my designs.


I use my Bridal Atelier to make all my little collections. Together with my colleagues and my mother, who have become as passionate about my world as I am, we are constantly creating new collections that continue to excite doll collectors all over the world.


And now I have been chosen as the designer of the Barbie Convention at the RMFDS 2022 where I am waiting for you in Rome! I hope you will enjoy my collections as much as I enjoyed creating them.


If I could give any advice to people on how to make the world better it would be simply this. Enjoy and play with dolls!


You can find us at:

  • TOKYO 2023 Fashion Doll Convention, March 23, Tokyo, Japan

  • SPANISH DOLL CONVENTION, October , Madrid, Spain

  • 5º EVENTO DE COLECCIONISTAS NANCY, October,  Valencia, Spain



Some of my most important works and collaborations:

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